Mother Daughter Travel

As Mother’s Day approaches, we celebrate mothers and inspirational women we know. I especially savor special memories with my Mom. She is one of my favorite travelers. She finds the best location on a budget. And, her fun spirit keep us charging forward.capecod1989

River boat

River boat

Niagara Falls

Niagra Falls

Our first bull-fight

Our first bull-fight

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A drive in the country…

Are you thinking of an autumn get-away?  Depending on what you have in mind, there are lots of bed-and-breakfasts and resorts tucked away in picturesque settings such as Napa Valley.  Thanks to my husband and girlfriends, I was very fortunate this last weekend to spend two days and an overnight night with close friends in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Fall is in the air…

Below are a few Lake Geneva highlights, which were time and cost efficient.

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Family travel tips

Wishing everyone safe travels, who will be away, this weekend or fun at home if you are local!  If you are away or local, treat yourself and try to laugh off whatever it is and try not to worry too much about “everyone else” (easier said than done)…  If you are travelling with little ones (this is usually a nightmare for the best of us), you may find the tips below helpful.  Please share your own, too!

on the verge of a travel meltdown…

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Family airport SNAFU!!!


Below is an excerpt from an email to my friends Sheila and Tricia (sisters and moms of two) last year after my son and I experienced our first flight together or travel SNAFU without Daddy’s help. My son and I fly out for the same family vacation later today. My husband meets us later this week. I am optimistic the travel experience will be smoother for us today than it was last year…

Preview of the relaxing fun we enjoyed.

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Tourist in your own city…

You don’t need shoes or pants to get behind the wheel to drive a bus…


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Milwaukee’s Finest

Our family (my husband and I in front of Louise’s Wine Bar at Summer Fest with our nephew)  just got home to Chicago from a fun time at Summer Fest, which is Milwaukee’s finest: Read the rest of this entry »

Wrong turn

My husband and I got home earlier this week from hiking with our one and a half year old son in Colorado. Flying out of Midway Airport in Chicago as opposed to O’Hare was a walk in the park. A lot of parents dread flying with small kids (please reply with your tales and/or tips below). It was our first family flight on Southwest (see lessons below for more details), which converted us (not to mention my friend Bethany and her crew fly for them). Read the rest of this entry »