Kids don’t realize prom is most parents’ worse nightmare.

I didn’t realize that until our newborn was in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) this February. Our son’s room was outside the nurses’ station who talked about their kids’ prom plans months away! And, I saw recently the average cost nation-wide to “experience” prom is $1,100 for transport, dress and festivities. Really?

The prom talk has continued ever since… One co-worker recently sent an email to other parents about how their kids could have a “safe” experience if they band together and host a dry barbecue after the prom for the kids. I am glad my Mom did not do that when I was in high school, but appreciate the concern.

I’m not ready for teenage kids, but thankfully have years to adjust to that reality… In the future, we will want our boys to be safe from alcohol and drugs and unwanted pregnancy. Speaking of sons, yesterday another co-worker said she solved prom drama for her son who came home from the military to take his high school girlfriend to prom and celebrate Mother’s Day with her.

Right now I wouldn’t change a thing about our two babes, but I sometimes live vicariously through this co-worker – an empty nester. She and her man go out to dinner all the time without needing to coordinate a babysitter. They just went to the Caribbean without kids and workout whenever they want.

This co-worker still had prom drama though, which I don’t envy. Neither she, her son or his girlfriend thought about transport for their prom last weekend. There were no limos to rent Mother’s Day, prom and graduation weekend. The girlfriend’s Mom rented a BMW for her son to drive the two to prom. My co-worker would not have her un-insurable son (under twenty-five) face the liability of driving a rental car. So her man rented an enormous Escalade, put on his black tie and drove the teenage lovebirds and their entourage of friends – problem solved!

Another parent this morning on the el said she is “making” her daugter and friends take the Odyessey boat cruise on Chicago’s lakefront after prom for $30 each. She’s even footing the bill for her daugther’s friends who said they couldn’t afford it. Hmmh… I see why that seems “safe” to the parents.

What’s your prom drama – past, present or future?


4 Comments on “Prom”

  1. Charlotte says:

    That is really sweet of your coworkers husband renting a car and dressing up as a chaueffer….that seems like something you would see on Modern Family!

  2. Maria says:

    At the high school I work at…if kids go to the school sponsored after prom activity they get the $$ back for the cost of the prom ticket. About 5 years ago students died after prom in a drunk driving accident, and now the school is even more committed to providing a safe way of celebrating the year…even if it costs the school 100% of the actual cost, they are more than happy to do that to guarantee a safe celebration

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