Trick or Treat


Halloween is a spooky time full of ghosts, goblins and most kids’ favorite things: candy!  Unfortunately, this year it is even scarier.  Our East Coast friends didn’t get to pick between Trick or Treat. Hurricane Sandy tricked them with gusts of wind, flash storms and floods and stole most of their electricity.  We keep them all in our prayers.

Fireman Andrew to the rescue

We are lucky in Chicago to be away from the storm.  Although, Hurricane Sandy is far away, her brashness is felt even here.  There is a flood warning and Lake Shore Drive’s running path has been closed down due to the high waves.  This is nothing compared to what friends out East have experienced.

Although this is one of the most devastating (if not most) storms our country has seen, little kids everywhere tell their parents, “Life must go on.”  They have been waiting to trick or treat for 364 days, and even Frankenstorm Sandy is not going to get in their way!

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Give your 100%

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. She is hilarious and fun; always true to herself. She is beautiful, but 99% of the time wears no makeup and puts on what’s comfortable and nearby. Her smile and laugh are infectious as she makes everyone feel comfortable and special at the same time. She doesn’t try to impress anyone and is true to her gut priorities (mainly family).

My Mom last week in Ireland

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Last rose of summer

“Injun Summer”, John T. McCutcheon, Chicago Tribune

As a kid, I looked forward to Indian summer and hoped it would coincide with Halloween so I wouldn’t have to wear a coat over my costume.

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A drive in the country…

Are you thinking of an autumn get-away?  Depending on what you have in mind, there are lots of bed-and-breakfasts and resorts tucked away in picturesque settings such as Napa Valley.  Thanks to my husband and girlfriends, I was very fortunate this last weekend to spend two days and an overnight night with close friends in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Fall is in the air…

Below are a few Lake Geneva highlights, which were time and cost efficient.

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A jacket for your thoughts…

Happy Friday!  I wish you and yours a fabulous weekend.  If you have a chance to do any shopping, consider some of the items below…  As I mentioned last week, image consultants and the like recommend a few staple items for each of your wardrobe pieces to maximize versatility.  Jackets are an important piece of the equation for his and her.  Below are some key jackets women should consider.  A few may help tie your outfit and wardrobe together.  Personally, I’m still building mine, but know what I need! 🙂

Faux Leather Blazer from the Limited

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Rummage sale tips


Chicago Church Rummage Sale

This last weekend rained on our outdoor plans. Fortunately, I got some great buys at a kids’ rummage sale. My husband described all my great finds as an early Christmas. Our son loves everything, too! Below are a few highlights and rummage sale tips.

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A week at home

Slides are the best!

We adore our son, Andrew,  who is happy, healthy, extremely active, and curious. He is also determined and independent, which can be a dangerous combination as those terrible twos rear their ugly head. Despite his fussiness dressing, we’re usually able to distract him and do what needs to be done.

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