Beat the heat!


As summer temperatures spike, how do you and your little one stay cool? Please share your favorite example below with a comment. Even though babies hate sun screen, it is still a must! Once you finish your sunscreen battle – find a cool spot! Read the rest of this entry »


Good times!

I hope you had a good weekend with both some time for relaxation and fun!  My husband and I try to balance both.  We agree time with close family and friends is therapeutic and cleansing. When it is tough to get together in person,  phone and email can be a close second. Below is my recent top ten among our family and friends. Please share your recent friend and family favorites below in the comments… Read the rest of this entry »

On the web:

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and gets a chance to enjoy some Olympics – maybe even the opening ceremony later today…  Below are a few things that caught my eye on the web this week.  Please share anything else you especially liked in comments.

Out of Balance? Try Self Compassion  (Balance in Me – July 24, 2012)

Red Lips All Around (A Girl Named Spark – July 25, 2012)

Resurfacing (Hot Mess Mom – July 9, 2012)

Style Inspiration: Shorts, Stripes, Leopard & Blue (The Simple Luxurious Life – July 26, 2012)

Baby Reveal Party: boy or girl?!

Baby reveal cake: boy or girl?


Our good friends Erica and Dan are having their second son this December!  They recently hosted their second baby reveal party to share the experience with friends and family of finding out if they are having a boy and girl.  Erica was the first person I knew to host this type of party.  She answers a few questions below about them. Read the rest of this entry »

Why pay full price?

Andrew’s consignment store outfit ($20) for his Aunt Meg’s wedding

There are tons of adorable kid clothes to choose from ranging from high-end boutique stores to second hand stores such as the Salvation Army.  We were fortunate to receive so many gifts and hand-me-downs from close friends and family for our son that there are some clothes he never wore!  They grow so fast…  We try to never pay full-price for kid clothes.  Below are a few of our favorites for a good deal.  Please share yours, too! Read the rest of this entry »

Sex and the City

I’ve happily been out of the single scene for five+ years now (since my husband and I went on our first date).  I  do not miss it at all except for Saturday and/or Sunday morning brunches with my girlfriends and little sister.  They are now mostly married and with kids, but used to share over-the-top stories about their escapades.  We laughed so hard (and still do for that matter) that some of the girls literally peed in their pants and/or spit out their food or coffee. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Art?

“Civic Virtue” (Times Wide World Photos), NYT July 22, 2012

Before I got married and started a family, I always enjoyed art in the form of a stroll through a museum, play or simply admiring statues in a park for all to enjoy.  Some of my favorite NYC childhood memories are standing in line for Broadway show tickets with my family at Time Square (the people watching is half the fun!), free concerts at Lincoln Center, and setting off the museum alarm (my parents were mortified the security guards followed us all over the museum after that!) after I touched a tapestry at The Cloister Museum.  In fact, my husband has a painting degree from the Art Institute of Chicago.  I have learned to appreciate art more through him. Read the rest of this entry »