Healthy pregnant Mom runs 900+ miles


Just as all of us are different, every experience, pregnancy and baby, etc. are unique.  Frequent doctor’s appointments during pregnancy make it easy to regularly work with your doctor to determine the best plan for you and your baby, which may or may not include running.  My friend Jessi Cleary of Chicago, IL, an avid marathon runner, was already registered for several races when she and her husband found out they were pregnant.  Her doctor immediately gave her the green light to continue running and racing.  Below are a few questions she answered.  Jessi is currently in her 36th week of pregnancy. Read the rest of this entry »


Get Your Knock-Off Now!

My childhood friend Cristina Medina, who is also a fashionista, told me two awesome tips. (1) J. Crew’s bubble necklaces (priced at $150) are all the rage this summer. They are longer, chunky necklaces in different solid colors. (2) they start at under $10 on E-bay.  Cristina recommends the “order now”  (to avoid bidding wars) and “free shipping” options.

We both ordered our knock-offs and will wear them out together soon for a night on the town!

Can Women Have It All?

There’s a lot of buzz about the controversial Atlantic Magazine cover Anne-Marie Slaughter’s “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” article and Sheryl Sandberg’s (Facebook COO) TED speech, which encourages society to support women in their quest to have it all.  Do you think women can have it all? The Atlantic Magazine article reveals the challenges of a a top goverment official and mom, “working long hours on someone else’s schedule.” It can be a struggle to be the type of parent a Mom may aspire to be even if their spouse is willing to be the primary care giver.  A key to successful “work life balance” seems to be having moderate control over your work schedule, which means some flexibility. Read the rest of this entry »

Thong, Thong, Thong?

Does wearing beautiful lingerie for yourself help reinforce confidence? That’s something I never considered until I recently read the book Bonjour Happiness by Jamie Cat Callan. I asked different friends and women in my family about this. One of my friends (in her late 20’s) agreed with Callan. Similar to the author of that book, she stressed the importance of being measured for a bra that fits. She recommends Enchanté Lingerie at 900 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago if you have a chance to stop by. I also learned Victoria Secret is considered “cheap” lingerie and they do not properly measure your bra size.

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First high brow experience



Our son attended his first ballet, his friend Ellie’s dance recital. He sat on grandma’s lap and was captivated the whole time. He stretched his neck to catch all the moves. He clapped after each set.

The dancers greeted their fans, family and friends after the show. Many carried bouquets of flowers that matched those in their hair. All the dancers, ages three to six, were precious in their costumes. The few boy dancers were not quite as thrilled as the girls. All of the parents beamed with joy.

Ellie showed our son a few dance moves after the show.

When one Door Closes …

I recently applied for a new job at work, which would’ve been a significant promotion. I initially assumed it would be a natural next step for me and even a no-brainer. I learned early in the process that I was wrong. It would be very competitive. Read the rest of this entry »

Red Lipstick

What makes you feel confident? Is it fun music and/or perfume?  Red lipstick is my not-so-subtle secret to feeling my best. One of my earliest memories is my elegant Grandma and name sake, a 1940’s model whose stage name was Toni Jolie, teaching me to line my lips and wear red lipstick. Read the rest of this entry »